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Victor Mu

satov was born in Saratov, Russia (he added the last name Borisov later). His
father was a minor railway official who had been born as a serf. In his childhood he
suffered a spinal injury, which made him humpbacked for the rest of his life. In 1884 he
entered Saratov real school, where his talents as an artist were discovered by his teachers
Fedor Vasiliev and Konovalov.

He was enrolled in the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture in 1890,
transferring the next year to the Imperial Academy of Arts in Saint-Petersburg, where he was
a pupil of Pavel Chistyakov. The damp climate of Saint-Petersburg was not good for Victor's
health and in 1893 he was forced to return to Moscow and re-enroll to the Moscow School of
painting, sculpturing and architecture. His earlier works like May flowers, 1894 were
labelled decadent by the school administration, who sharply criticised him for making no
distinction between the girls and the apple trees in his quest for a decorative effect. The
same works however were praised by his peers, who considered him to be the leader of the new
art movement.

The Pool. 1902In 1895 Victor once again left Moscow School of painting, sculpturing and
architecture and enrolled in Fernand Cormon's school in Paris. He studied there for three
years, returning in summer months to Saratov. He was fascinated by the art of his French
contemporaries, and especially by the paintings of "the father of French Symbolism" Pierre
Puvis de Chavannes and by the work of Berthe Morisot.

In 1898 Borisov-Musatov returned to Russia and almost immediately fell into what it is
called "fin de siècle nostalgia". He complained about "the cruel, the truly iron age", "dirt
and boredom", "devil's bog", and he had acute money problems that were somewhat alleviated
only in the last years of his life when collectors started to buy his paintings. Musatov's
response was creating a half-illusory world of the 19th century nobility, their parks and
country-seats. This world was partially based on the estate of princes Prozorvky-Galitzines
Zubrilovka and partially just on Musatov's imagination. Borisov-Musatov also abandoned
oil-paintings for the mixed tempera and watercolor and pastel techniques that he found more
suitable for the subtle visual effects he was trying to create.

Borisov-Musatov was a member of the Union of Russian Artists and one of the founders and the
leader of the Moscow Association of Artists, a progressive artistic organization that
brought together Pavel Kuznetsov, Peter Utkin, Alexander Matveyev, Martiros Saryan, Nikolai
Sapunov, and Sergei Sudeikin.

The most famous painting of that time is The Pool, 1902. The painting depicts two most
important women in his life: his sister, Yelena Musatova and his bride (later wife), artist
Yelena Alexandrova. The people are woven into the landscape of an old park with a pond.
Another famous painting is The Phantoms. 1903 depicting ghosts on the steps of an old
country manor. The painting was praised by the contemporary Symbolist poets Valery Bryusov
and Andrey Bely.

In 1904 Borisov-Musatov had a very successful solo exhibition in a number of cities in
Germany, and in the spring of 1905 he exhibited with Salon de la Société des Artistes
Française and became a member of this society.

The last finished painting of Borisov-Musatov was Requiem. Devoted to the memory of Nadezhda
Staniukovich, a close friend of the artist, the painting may indicate Borisov-Musatov's
evolution towards the Neo-classical style.

Borisov-Musatov died on October 26, O.S. 1905 of a heart attack and is buried on a bank of
Oka River near Tarusa. On his tomb there is a sculpture of a sleeping boy by Musatov's
follower Alexander Matveyev.

[Biography - Victor Borisov Musatov - 6Ko]
Victor est né Musatov à Saratov, en Russie (il a ajouté le nom de famille de Borisov plus tard). Son père était un fonctionnaire des chemins de fer secondaires qui était né comme un serf. Dans son enfance, il a subi une lésion médullaire, ce qui fait de lui bossu pour le reste de sa vie. En 1884, il entra Saratov vraie école, où ses talents d'artis...
[Biography - Victor Borisov Musatov - 6Ko]
Victor Musatov war in Saratow, Rußland (er hinzu den Nachnamen Borisov später) geboren. Sein Vater war ein kleiner Bahnbeamter, der als Leibeigener geboren worden war. In seiner Kindheit erlitt eine Rückenverletzung, die ihn bucklig für den Rest seines Lebens gemacht. Im Jahre 1884 trat er in Saratov echte Schule, wo seine Talente als Künstler von ...
[Biography - Victor Borisov Musatov - 5Ko]
Victor Musatov nasce a Saratov, Russia (ha aggiunto il cognome Borisov dopo). Suo padre era un impiegato delle ferrovie in minore che era nato come un servo. Nella sua infanzia ha ha subito una lesione spinale, che lo ha reso a schiena d'asino per il resto della sua vita. Nel 1884 entrò Saratov vera scuola, dove il suo talento di artista sono state...
[Biography - Victor Borisov Musatov - 5Ko]
Victor Musatov nació en Saratov, Rusia (añadió el apellido Borisov más adelante). Su padre era un funcionario de ferrocarriles menor de edad que había nacido como un siervo. En su infancia sufrió una lesión en la columna, lo que le hizo jorobado por el resto de su vida. En 1884 ingresó en la escuela real de Saratov, donde su talento como artista fu...
[Biography - Victor Borisov Musatov - 6Ko]
Виктор Мусатов родился в Саратове, Россия (добавил он фамилии Борисов позже). Его отец был мелкий чиновник железнодорожного, кто был рожден крепостным. В детстве он пострадали травмы позвоночника, которая сделала его горбатым на всю его жизнь. В 1884 году он поступил Саратовской реальное училище, где его талант как художника были обнаружены его учи...
[Biography - Victor Borisov Musatov - 5Ko]
胜者Musatov是出生在萨拉托夫,俄罗斯(他补充说:姓氏鲍里索夫后)。他的父亲是未成年人的铁路官员已被作为农奴出生的。在他的童年 遭受脊髓损伤,这使他的余生驼背。 1884年他进入萨拉托夫真正的学校,作为一个艺术家他的才华,他的老师费多尔瓦西里耶夫和科诺瓦洛夫发现。 他就读于莫斯科绘画,雕塑和建筑学院于1890年,将明年在圣彼得堡艺术翰林院,他是一个学生帕维尔Chistyakov。圣彼得堡的潮湿的气候并不好,维克多的健康,并于1893年,他被迫返回莫斯科,并重新注册,以莫斯科绘画学校,雕塑和建筑。他的早期作品如五月的鲜花,1894年被打成腐朽由学校管理,尖锐地批评他没有在他追求装饰效果的区别之间的女孩和苹果树。然而,相同的作品,称赞他的同行,认为他的新艺术运动的领导者。 池。 1902In...
[Biography - Victor Borisov Musatov - 3Ko]
Victor Musatov nasceu em Saratov, na Rússia (acrescentou o sobrenome Borisov mais tarde). Seu pai era um funcionário da ferrovia menor que tinha nascido como um servo. Em sua infância ele sofreu uma lesão na coluna vertebral, que o fez corcunda para o resto de sua vida. Em 1884 ele entrou Saratov verdadeira escola, onde seus talentos como artista f...
[Biography - Victor Borisov Musatov - 5Ko]
ビクタームサートフはサラトフ、ロシア(彼は後に姓ボリソフを追加)で生まれた。彼の父は、農奴として生まれてきたマイナーな鉄道の役人であった。幼少の頃の彼 彼は彼の人生の残りのために猫背作られた脊髄損傷を、苦しんだ。 1884年に彼はアーティストとしての才能が彼の教師ヒョードルワシリエフとコノワーロフによって発見されたサラトフ本物の学校を、入力する。 彼はパベルChistyakovの弟子サンクトペテルブルク、芸術の帝国アカデミーに来年移転、1890年に絵画、彫刻と建築のモスクワの学校に入学した。サンクトペテルブルグの湿った気候では、ビクターの健康によくありませんでしたし、1893年に彼はモスクワに戻り、絵画、彫刻と建築のモスクワの学校に再登録を余儀なくされた。月の花、1894のような彼の初期の作...
[Biography - Victor Borisov Musatov - 3Ko]